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We’re a Brisbane-based globally recognised health, wellness and fitness centre, designed to holistically improve your physical condition through diet, exercise and lifestyle.

We work with individuals one-on-one and with trainers around the world and offer:

Personal Training
Small Group
Personal Training
24/7 Gym

One-On-One Personal Training

A very strong core belief at IOPC is individualisation. We are all so different that what works for one may not, and often does not, work for another.

4+4 = 8. But so does 5+3. And 6+2. And 15-7.

Our Personal Trainers have a LOT of tools in their tool box to ensure we use the right method, with the right person, at the right time. We offer accountability and effective and efficient customised programs to get you to your goals in the healthiest and most sustainable way possible.

We have a variety of options for one-on-one training sessions to fit your needs, schedule, and budget. Contact us below to get started!

Small Group Personal Training

Want the extra motivation of a working out with a friend, but still want the full individualisation of 1-on-1 personal training? Then small group training is a great option! This is offered in groups of 2, 3, or 4.

Group Classes

We offer a variety of fun, motivating, and structured group classes. In line with our value of individualisation, all exercises can be adjusted to cater you, your needs, and any specific goals you may have. Therefore, the group classes are suitable to all fitness levels and include classes dedicated to strength training, hypertrophy training, right through to fat loss and Leastmode classes.

24/7 Gym Access

If you have a good handle on your own training and want to come and go as you please, then 24/7 gym access is exactly what you need!

12-week programs are also available for purchase should you want some guidance without the commitment of a coach, but still want to work towards a specific goal.