How To Still Work On Your Goals On The Weekends

“I’ll start training and eating healthy on Monday”. We’ve all heard it. In fact I’ll almost bet we’ve all said it. Mondays to most, serve as a fresh start – a new beginning. A January 1st that happens every 7 days. A study was even published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, which found that health related Google queries peak on Monday and Tuesday. They then decline throughout the week before plunging on Saturday and rebounding again on Monday. So if Monday is the height of ones motivation and determination, and it’s all downhill from there, then it’s safe to say Saturday and Sunday aren’t going to do you any favors when it comes to sticking to your training and nutrition program. To get around this lull in drive, you’re going to need a few tricks up your sleeve to get you into the right mindset to carry you through the weekend. The largest hurdle the majority of us face each weekend, is to stick to a mainly healthy diet. After a long week of managing your time and regulating your behavior, when the weekend hits, most of us want to enjoy having more discretionary time and being much more relaxed about things – including what we put on our plate.
Tips for Success:

1. Make sure you PLAN your meals. This is, and always will be the biggest determining factor as to whether you succeed with your diet. There is only so long you can go successfully winging it before it all turns belly up. Know exactly what you are going to eat over the weekend, and when you are going to eat it – including any re-feeds, meals out, or what you may know them as ‘cheats’. Planning your meals not only means knowing what and when you are going to eat, but also means making sure you have the right food available, and the time available to prepare it. Dedicate some time on your weekend to meal prep for the week. This takes all the guesswork out of it and really leaves you no excuses.

2. Make Monday morning your weigh in morning. You are a lot less likely to bing on the weekend if you know you’ll be wearing it all at weigh in. Send your measurements and updated photos through to your coach at the start of each week – and if you don’t have a coach, I suggest you get one. The right coach will hold you accountable, guide you in the right direction and help get you optimal results, they also won’t let you fall off the bandwagon every weekend!

3. Work out on the weekend. This will help reduce any cravings you have for unhealthy foods. Exercise has been shown to increase Dopamine, which in turn helps decrease any cravings. It has been concluded in studies that glucose cravings are caused by a lack of dopamine receptors in the brain. So pump that dopamine up with a good hearty workout, and you’ll be much more inclined not to undo it with poor nutrition choices later in the day. If you have a rest day in your training program, take it mid-week to allow for sessions on the weekend.

Tips for Meal Prepping:

• Know your macros, and what foods you can have that fit into them. Have a variety of foods available – there is more to nutrition plans than chicken and broccoli.

• Weigh foods cooked. This way you can spend a few hours a week cooking everything in bulk and dividing everything into individual meals is then a breeze. Weighing then cooking, weighing then cooking – aint not body got time for that!

• Herbs, spices, mustard and hot sauce are your best friends. Food doesn’t have to be bland – you’re not punishing yourself.

• Slow cookers are also your best friend.

Being successful in following diet plans does not have to be complicated. Following these simple tips will make your routine that much easier and help you get the results you are working so hard towards.

*NB: It is important to note that tracking calories and macros is not for everyone. Some people like the structure and control it gives them. A lot of people find that structure gives them freedom. Others find it too restrictive and creates a bad relationship with food. You absolutely do NOT have to track your calories to reach your goal, especially if there is a high chance it will cause more harm than good. If you want to discuss some other alternatives to tracking, yet still working towards whatever goals you have, flag one of our staff down when you see them around the gym, or email to book in a call for a chat!