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We pride ourselves on being able to cap our memberships to make sure there is always space for you to get a good quality workout in, and so you're not competing for space or equipment.




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Focusing on a healthy heart and longevity isn’t a fun/sexy conversation but

everyone deserves to be aware

  • Hypertension silently affects one-third of Australian adults, leaving many unaware of the danger lurking within them.

  • Hypertension is the leading cause of death in Australia and accounts for a shocking 10.8 million fatalities worldwide each year. Even more alarming, every 20-point increase in systolic measure and every 10-point increase in diastolic measure could potentially double your risk of cardiovascular mortality.

  • Recent studies have shown that the number of young adults with hypertension is on the rise, likely due to lifestyle factors such as poor diet and lack of exercise. Don’t let this silent killer take you by surprise

If simply joining a gym was enough and ticked the box on its own we should see happy, healthy people everywhere and chronic diseases such as stroke, heart disease, and non-communicable diseases would be on the decline BUT WE DON’T!

We all see the opposite, don’t we? Over the past three decades, chronic disease in Australia has increased by 38%. Almost half of Australians now live with one chronic disease and almost half of Australians over the age of 65 life with two or more despite there being more gyms and health facilities than ever. Most gyms have 1000’s of members, all the gear, and fancy lighting that looks great on Instagram but they fail to monitor, assess, and improve an individual’s important health markers. They offer generic classes that make you sweat but don’t target your specific health goals.

Why does this matter?

Even personal trainers with years of experience in health and fitness have their own personal trainers that design a tailored nutrition and training program specific to the individual because we know that’s what it takes. It’s the personalised support, accountability, and tailored programming that gets results and we practice what we preach.

We are Banyo’s only 24/7 gym. We offer personalised support and tailored coaching to all of our members from our dedicated, well-educated and experienced coaches. We cap our memberships to keep that private gym experience and are proud to offer a warm, welcoming, and non-intimidating space where members can feel comfortable to come and train. Our mission is to improve your quality of life and offer a refined understanding and appreciation for the cultivation of good health.

And what does that mean?

It means we work with you so you can live a longer, happier, and easier life.

Don’t feel great about your current health and fitness?

Here is what’s holding you back.

  • Health and Fitness is confusing. With so much information out there on social media and online that it can be incredibly misleading and contradictory.

  • You’re not sure how to use gym equipment safely. Equipment can be dangerous and walking into a place with 100 pieces of it can be overwhelming.

  • You’re not sure what food/quantities are right for you. There are 1000’s of diets it’s hard to know what to follow and what to dismiss as a fad.

  • You’re busy. Work, kids, grandkids, study, housework, social life and only 24 hours in a day…WHAT?!

  • You’re stressed and tired. The pressure is on to get everything done and it’s hard to switch your mind off as you lay in bed at night.

IOPC’s Support = Your path to success

Imagine having your

own personal coach

Who understands your unique needs and goals, and designs a custom training plan for you to follow every week.

With this personalized approach, you can break through your current limitations and reach new levels of optimised health and fitness that you never thought possible. Our motivating team work tirelessly to ensure that no detail is overlooked, giving you the confidence to know that every aspect of your training is optimised for success. Get ready to transform your health and achieve your full potential with the support of your own personal coaching dream team.

Your training program

is driven by data,

your own personal health metrics, & insights that optimise your personalised profile based on our advanced programming methods and principles. (staff photo)

Take advantage of knowing the brains behind Muscle Nerds TM, Luke Leaman and Zoe Knight (proud owners of the IOPC.), who are the leaders in health and fitness education along with their educated mentees (and your coaches) Max, Becc, Isaac and Bella.

You will feel more

Energetic and pain-free

than ever!

Our coaching system ensures that you will notice a positive improvement in your health to make real, everyday life, feel great!

Have your

Very own team.

We will communicate with your Doctor/Physio/Allied Health professional to ensure our plans are united in having you feel your best as soon as possible and for good!

We clear the noise by assessing what your starting point is and offering a tailored solution that encompasses your training, nutrition, and lifestyle factors to help you save time, improve your health, stay safe, feel nourished and recover well day in and day out giving you more time and energy to do and enjoy what and who you love!

Can you afford to delay good health any longer?

Train in a space

that feels like home

With Professional equipment in a clean and private facility that isn’t overcrowded you will feel at home anytime you come in to train.


Hear from our clients


Our Pricing Plans

Gym Only


per week

What's Included

✅ 24 / 7 Gym Access

Small Group Training


per week

What's Included

✅ 24 / 7 Gym Access

✅ Unlimited Group Classes

✅ Semi-Personalised training program

✅ Access to Training App

✅ Weekly check in / program revisions

✅ Nutrition guidance

✅ Unlimited blood pressure checks

✅ Unlimited use of our education portal

Personal Training


per session

What's Included

✅ 45 minute one-on-one session with qualified personal trainer

✅ Fully-Personalised training program

✅ Access to training app

✅ Weekly check in / program revisions

✅ Personalised nutrition guidance

✅ Access to Nutrition Tracking App

✅ Quarterly testing / assessments

✅ Unlimited blood pressure checks

✅ Unlimited use of our education portal

✅ Discounted session price when sign up for 2x or more sessions per week


Hear from our clients

Tim joined IOPC convinced that his knee required surgery to reduce his pain. Since joining, Tim has lost an incredible 15kg in 10 weeks continuing to get stronger and aims to run the Bridge to Brisbane Fun Run this year!

When you join the IOPC

you’ll have everything you need to feel fully prepared and supported for whatever life throws at you!

You can only manage what you measure and with our incorporated assessment and tracking process you’ll be able to stop guessing about your health and abilities and improve your long-term quality of life . You’ll have unwavering confidence in your physical and mental ability to perform at your best.


Are you ready to unlock your best self? Join us at IOPC Gym, Banyo, where a supportive community and expert guidance await.

🌟 Supportive Services: Transform your well-being

🩺 Hypertension Awareness: Don't let this silent threat catch you off guard.

🏋️‍♂️ Personalized Coaching: Tailored plans for your unique goals.

🌈 Energetic Living: Experience a vibrant, pain-free life.

🏠 Your Gym, Your Space: Train in a clean, private facility that feels like home.

🚀 Start Your Journey: Choose from our membership options - Gym Only, Small Group Training, or Personal Training.

Ready for a healthier, happier you? Join us at IOPC Gym!

Warm Regards,

Becc Pritchard

IOPC Gym, Banyo

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Frequently Asked Questions


How old do I have to be to join IOPC?

You are required to be 14 years or older to take up a membership. A guardian signature is required on your membership forms.

If I have any queries about my membership who do I speak to?

If I have any queries about my membership who do I speak to?You can contact the IOPC Manager on 0427493030 or email [email protected]  and we are to help you with any questions or feedback you have.

Can I bring a friend to the club?

Referrals are both welcome and rewarded! Please contact IOPC to discuss this. Staff must be notified prior and a waiver must be signed by the attendee.

Can my children wait for me while I workout?

You may bring children with you as long as they are happy to sit quietly without using equipment or disrupting other members.

Is the team first aid trained?

All staff hold a current First Aid Certificate, and we have a defib on site.

Do you have showers?

There a showers in both Mens and Womens bathrooms

Are there any social events for members and staff?

Please see notice board in the gym or our Members Facebook Group for upcoming event information.


How quickly will I see results when using the gym?

It depends on several factors, training frequency and nutrition plan adherence are obviously 2 of the key factors. 

I’ve never used a gym before. What support is on offer?

Our goal is to help you achieve yours! Regardless of your starting point we have a solution and the caring staff to support you along the way!

Do I need to be fit before I join?

Not at all. We are here to help you from any starting point to your goal!


Welcome to IOPC Gym, Banyo! Elevate your well-being with personalized coaching, expert guidance, and a vibrant community. Join us today!

Gym Open 24/7 – Coached Hours

5am – 8am Monday – Friday

4 - 6:30pm Monday – Thursday


  • 16/14 Ashtan Pl, Banyo QLD 4014

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