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Weight Loss is not Linear: But don't panic!

November 19, 20232 min read

There are 101 reasons why weight loss isn't a consistent drop on the scale's day in, day out.

Have you ever woken up on a Monday morning and thought, "Damn, my weight has spiked up!" Maybe you had a big weekend of social events, and although the weight has spiked on a Monday morning, it will even out over the coming days. (By the way, this isn't a license to go crazy every weekend; you need to make choices that align with your goals).

Fat loss is a complex and dynamic process influenced by various factors, and as a result, it's not a linear progression. Some of the most common reasons we see scale fluctuations and not a straight drop is fluid retention, meal timing, stress, sleep, and hormonal changes.

Recognizing the Trends:

So, if we see fluctuations, how are you meant to know what weight loss looks like? Firstly, you are looking for a downward trend across a timespan of 7-10 days. Take your weigh-ins as a weekly average across seven days of tracking/recording your weight.

Secondly, depending on your starting point, you can expect anything between a 0.5%-1.5% decrease in your body weight in kilograms per week. The more you have to lose, the bigger the drop you can have. The leaner you are and/or the less you have to lose, the smaller the drop.

Stay Consistent, Stay Calm:

Remember, weight loss is not linear! Don't panic, though. Just look for a downward trend over the course of 7-10 days. Fluctuations in weight can happen for many reasons, so don't stress if the scales increase overnight; stick to your game plan. Speaking of a game plan, if you don't have one, talk to one of the IOPC staff so we can work together on achieving your goals! We, as always, are here to help!

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